A flexible online MBA by a world-class institution

Taking ambitious and aspirational business leaders to the next level.

The University of London’s new Global MBA offers a transformational learning experience to develop your knowledge and skills into world-class business acumen.

Study our fully-flexible course anywhere in the world, and bring a global perspective to your local knowledge.

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Build your networks and collaborate with peers from around the world, learning from a wealth of inspiring backgrounds and experience.

You will emerge with the capability to tackle business problems and reach new frontiers, plus a prestigious University of London qualification that is recognised and admired by employers worldwide.

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Specialise for career benefits

This diverse MBA programme offers five specialist areas: accountancy, entrepreneurship & innovation, finance, law, and leadership.

You have the option to work towards a specialist MBA, which will be an attractive asset for career advancement in a range of industries.

Academic direction is provided by Queen Mary University of London, an institution that prioritises the integration of its teaching and research. This ensures that your course materials are informed by the latest developments in the field.

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“We offer a well-structured programme with specialisations that will shape the leaders, successful executives and ambitious entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos, Global MBA Director