UK launch event at City Hall

Global MBA Launch - Guests convene at City Hall

On 19 January, the University of London held a launch event for the Global MBA at City Hall, the celebrated office of the Mayor of London.

Against the backdrop of the River Thames, we were joined by representatives from accreditation bodies CMI and CIMA, as well as senior leaders from Queen Mary and the University of London.

“An extraordinary opportunity”

Professor Simon Gaskell, Principal of Queen Mary, said the combined expertise of the two partners brought “a very distinctive aspect” to the programme.

Global MBA Launch, Professor Simon Gaskell, Principal, Queen Mary University of London

While the University of London brings considerable experience of delivering distance-learning options, Queen Mary’s expertise from three schools allows students to choose from five possible pathways.

“It ensures different perspectives are brought to this programme to give it what we believe is a unique character”, he said.

What pathways can you follow?

Open to all

The speakers praised the accessibility and flexibility of the MBA, which will reach out to a greater number of people.

“This is something we had in mind when we started designing the programme”, said Ioannis Kokkoris, Professor of Law at Queen Mary and MBA Programme Director.

“Flexibility is the number one major benefit this programme has for our students.”

“The flexibility of our programmes allows many of those who would otherwise be unable to study for a prestigious academic award to study with the University of London.”

Dr Mary Stiasny OBE

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It also allows many who would otherwise be unable to study to join the programme, added Dr Mary Stiasny, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International), University of London.

“Many of these people have been instrumental in changing the way we view the modern world”, she said.

“We believe that those people choosing to study on the Global MBA programme will also go on to achieve academic excellence, in both their personal and professional lives.”

Accreditation “boosts employability”

Students on the MBA will receive additional benefits through the accreditation partners, including opportunities for continuing professional development.

Ann Francke, Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), said the Global MBA “celebrated the best of brand Global Britain”.

She also praised the MBA’s reach to female managers, which she described as “vitally important”.

The CMI is campaigning to get more women into leadership positions, which is estimated to be worth up to $12 trillion for the global economy.

Global MBA Launch, Ann Francke, Chief Executive CMI

David Rowsby, CIMA Regional Director for Europe, noted the opportunities afforded by the accreditation partners.

“This Global MBA provides access to CIMA, and together, the opportunity to become a financially qualified business leader with the skills that businesses well and truly need”, he said.

“We can provide training support, local online job boards and networking opportunities.”

More about the benefits from accreditation bodies.

London “a symbol of business”

Closing the evening, Dr Michael Hayman MBE, co-founder of Seven Hills, said it was symbolic that the new MBA has been developed in London.

“There is so much change that’s going to happen in people’s lifetimes – the need to reskill, the need for lifelong learning”, he said.

Global MBA Launch, Dr Michael Hayman MBE

“If you look at the UK as the best place in the G20 to start additional business, you get a sense of the backdrop of London as a brand to actually catapult the MBA forward into a global world”, he added.