60 seconds with: Maggie Buggie

In the second instalment of our new series, Maggie Buggie, SVP, Global Head of SAP Leonardo Services at SAP, tells us about digital enterprise and the power of the crowd. (Follow @MaggieBuggie)

Maggie Buggie, SVP Global Head, SAP

Can you share some of the key lessons you’ve learnt from your experience?

Lesson number one is that customer is king.

Organisations that are succeeding through intelligent use of digital understand that it represents a great opportunity to put your customer truly at the heart of your business and use that customer context insight and understanding to form the way in which you shape your global business.

Second number two is the power of the crowd – how you go about creating very different employee experience.

When you talk about customer experience and digitalization, you also have to think about employee experience because people still make it happen.

Does technology create opportunity or take it away?

As you can imagine, I’m engaging all forms of discussions about the future of work and will AI automating take the human component out of workforces.

True, there is an evolution in terms of what humans do and what humans must do but that does not mean that human experience is going to be completely cannibalized.

Rather, it’s about bought opportunities this digitization represents. It performs more low value, process driven tasks, special, quicker, faster – but not the emotional and social functions.

How does digital affect our benchmarks?

You can’t avoid the quants.

Organisations who are succeeding understand that digital represents a very different weighing point to measure and to conceive our value.

Digital is breaking down silos within organisations and is changing the way in which KPIs are delivered – tomorrow is very different from yesterday.

Specialise in Innovation with the University of London Global MBA.

Maggie helps corporate executives transform their businesses and increase their business performance through use of digital. She has also won the Women in the City technology category award.