Additional Resources

What else can we offer for students of the Global MBA?

Expanded online careers support

As a student of the Global MBA, you’ll have access to career skills development modules from The Careers Group, University of London. This includes resources specifically designed and developed for the Global MBA.

These materials are aimed at helping those aspiring towards executive and senior managerial roles to apply the management knowledge from the course (including strategic thinking, decision making and leadership skills) to their own ‘executive career project’.

Templates to help you get sponsored

When you’re applying for the Global MBA, you may wish to approach your employer about getting sponsored for the programme.

The programme offers a wealth of benefits both to yourself and to your employer, so you’ll be able to build an excellent case for sponsorship.

What do we offer?

  • A useful guide from the University of London Careers Group on how to turn your approach into a business case.
  • A template that you can download to get started.

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