A University of London qualification at outstanding value.

With the University of London’s strong position for graduate employment, our Global MBA represents a terrific investment for students and employers.

Fee Details

Full course fee Band A Band B
MBA £8,730 £13,230

Your full course fee includes all module and continuation fees for the duration of your study, as well as online tutor support.

The benefits of paying in full at the beginning of your programme are that you receive a discount and avoid any annual fee revisions.

Pay-as-you go Band A Band B
Web supported fee 2017 Institution supported fee 2017 Web supported fee 2017 Institution supported fee 2017
15-credit module £768 £543 £1,163 £836
Strategic Project £1,500 £1,050 £2,290 £1,603
Module continuation £450 £450 £450 £450

With pay-as-you-go, you pay the fees for each module as you register for them.

If you prefer, you can select tutor support for a module at a local Teaching Institution (where available). You would then pay a smaller module fee to us (the ‘institution supported fee’ above) and an additional tuition fee directly to the institution.

Additional costs

  • You should also budget for exam centre fees, which must be paid directly to the venues where you sit your exams.
  • If you enter the MBA via Route 2, you will need to complete the online preparation course, International Business Essentials.


We are offering two 20% bursaries until September 2018.

  1. The UK/EU bursary is for applicants who begin the programme from January 2018.
  2. The alumni bursary is for all nationalities who have previously studied via the International Programmes / External System.

Both are available for full-course fee and individual module options until September 2018. Either bursary can be used in conjunction with other funding and awards, but the two bursaries cannot be combined.

Postgraduate Loans (England Only)

The UK government will make available loans of up to £10,280 for students who wish to begin their first master’s level programme during the 2017-2018 academic year.

The University of London Global MBA is eligible for this award. See more details.

Employer Sponsorship

If you’re employed and wishing to apply for our MBA, your employer may be willing to help with the cost.

This online programme is ideal for employers because they get to retain you as an employee and benefit from the additional skills you bring as a result of your studies.

Our guide and template for your employer should help you make a strong impression.

More about the University of London and your programme leaders.