We are offering two scholarships for the July 2017 intake of the Global MBA to permanent residents of India.

The scholarship is valued at the full course fee for a Band A country (£8,730). It covers six core modules, four optional modules, and the Strategic Project.

It does not cover examination centre costs or any other costs not directly payable to the University (e.g. the purchase of materials or electronic equipment).

Candidates must not hold any postgraduate qualifications considered to be equivalent to a UK Level 7 qualification (e.g. a master’s degree). Current University of London students are also ineligible for these awards.

Students in Classroom

How to apply

  1. Submit an application for the Global MBA.
  2. During this process, upload a completed scholarship application form under ‘Additional Educational Document’.

The deadline for scholarship applications is 2 June 2017.

Applicants should await a decision on the scholarship application before registering for the Global MBA.

Further information

All decisions are final with no right of appeal, and no individual feedback will be provided.

Scholarship winners must provide a short report at the end of each year of study, and act in conformity with the standards expected of University of London students.

Full details available here.