Guaranteed Tutor Support

All students receive tutor support and feedback while studying this programme.

This is provided either from online tutors (web-supported learning) or face-to-face at a local teaching institution (institution-supported learning).

Tutors introduce the modules, provide guidance on tackling the assessments, respond to queries, monitor discussions and provide interventions at key points of your study.

Web-supported learning

If you register for a module as a web-supported learner, you will join an online group where a tutor will provide support via email and discussion groups. If you register in this way, you pay the web-supported learner fee.

Institution-supported learning

If you choose to enrol for a module with a local teaching institution, you will receive face-to-face classes. We are currently recruiting institutions across the globe to support the programme.

IFIM Business School, India

If you enrol for tuition with a teaching institution, you pay the institution-supported fee to the University plus an additional tuition fee to the teaching institution.

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