Guaranteed Tutor Support

All students receive tutor support and feedback while studying this programme.

This is provided either online (web-supported learning) or face-to-face at a local teaching institution (institution-supported learning).

Tutors introduce the modules, provide guidance on assessments, respond to queries, monitor discussions and provide interventions at key points of your study.

Web-supported learning

As a web-supported learner, you join an online group where a tutor provides support via discussion groups. If you register in this way, you pay the web-supported learner fee.

Institution-supported learning

If you choose to enrol for face-to-face classes with a local teaching institution. you pay a smaller ‘institution-supported’ fee to the University plus a separate fee to the teaching institution.

IFIM Business School, India

Amity Global Institute, Singapore

We are actively recruiting institutions around the globe to support the programme.

See how this affects your fee.