Why did our students decide to study the Global MBA? How are they benefitting from the programme? Here, they provide five excellent reasons to study the MBA.


Brian Stone

Brian Stone, Global MBA studentWith more than five years of work experience, I would like to move on to the next level in my career.

The Global MBA programme not only gives me the flexibility to learn according to my own schedule but also the materials are valuable and applicable to my day-to-day work.


Alec Maddison

Alec Maddison, Global MBA studentThe degree of independence in course progression is important as someone who has an unpredictable schedule in a different time zone.

Many distance/online programs are an unknown quantity, but the University of London is a known and respected institution.


Masashi Yamanaka

Masashi Yamanaka, Global MBA studentSince I am almost always on business trips (now I have projects in six countries), it was essential to choose an online programme.

On this online programme, it is possible to visualise the comments of all students at once, so we can learn from other students also.

Academic quality

Alex Njui

Alex Njui, Global MBA studentQueen Mary, being a member of the Russell Group and possessing impressive global rankings, drove my decision to take up the Global MBA with the University of London.

The academic staff, essential reading material and discussion forums provide a truly global perspective to this MBA!

Career progression

Jacky Choi

Jacky Choi, Global MBA studentI believe a reputable degree from the University of London will certainly increase my competitiveness in the job market.

It is a world class MBA programme. You are assured a supportive learning environment as the faculty and the staff are very responsive and ready to help.

That’s what you need the most in your study journey.


Global MBA – Key facts

  • Our online Global MBA is available anywhere in the world.
  • Four entry points per year – January, April, July, October.
  • Academic direction is provided by Queen Mary University of London.
  • Pursue a general MBA or one of five specialist routes.
  • Accreditation is from CMI and CIMA.
  • All students receive tutor support and feedback.

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